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World Winner, Junior Europe Winner, Int  Ch, American Ch, Russian Ch, Poland Ch, Estonian Ch, Belorusia Ch, Eurasia Winner 04,05,06,08,11, Finnish Winner 10 Kingpoint Everywhere handled by Jennifer Johnson


Welcome to the site dedicated our Gordons!
It's really hard to explain by words why we've got this passion to so wonderful breed of pointing bird dogs, the way to whom was very very long. We had English then Irish setters... It's something there on unconscious level, it's fact... But there is one thing we have learned forever that no one breed can grow into your soul like Gordon Setter can do it...

русская версия

Would like to introduce our new family members - Sebastian and Delta.
In memory of our beloved Pinta - some of his last pictures.

A little bit late news from Pinta and his kids at the end of 2010.


Int Finnish Winner 2010, Helsinki, judge Moa Persson (Sweden)

Kingpoint Everywhere (Pinta or Grande) at his 8.5 years in working class -

Best Dog 1, Best of Opposite Sex, Finnish Winner 2010


Gordon Xope Vanity Fire (Vanity) - 1st exc in working class


The huge congratulation to  Asti z Ojcowskiej Doliny and  Каsia!

Look at their last results from the International Dog Shows:


СACIB Nitra (Slovakia) - CAC, CACIB, BOB & BIG II

CACIB Kielce (Poland) - CWC, CACIB, BOB & BIG I

CACIB Poznań (Poland) - CWC, CACIB, BOB & BIG II


We have new Links to the homepages of Alaro and

kennel Vom Krefelder Hof (Germany)



Improbable success of Grandie daughter -   Africa z Ojcowskiej Doliny (Soffie)

10 days show tour finished with the following results:


12x BOB , 7x BIG-1 , 2xBIG-2, 3xBIG-3, 1xBIS-3

Romanian Champion
Bulgarian Champion
Bulgarian Grand Champion
Moldavian Champion
Montenegro Champion
Gorgian Champion
Macedonian Champion
Balkan Champion
Black Sea Winner


Huge Congratulation to the breeder and owners!!!



We have just amazing summer news from Grandie kids !!!


World Dog Show 2010, Denmark, Herning - Aragon z Ojcowskiej Doliny (Aragon) -

World Winner 2010, Best Male, Best Of Breed !!!

Judge Mr Kurt Nilsson (Sweeden), 70 dogs.

Our huge Congratulation to Monika and all her family with this success!!! Improbable! :)


Turgenev Field Trial, Russia, Orel - Лесси -

Field Trial Winner  with 2nd degree diploma (79 points) by quail !!!

Judge Mr Smoldyrev (Russia), 30 dogs.

Congratulation to Alexandr! Good guys!



New pictures of 8 weeks puppies


We are happy for Grandie's kids Aragon and Lessy who've shown excellent results in the field trials last month! Aragon went 6th from 12 dogs in open class with 2nd degree diploma in Poland. Lessy has reseived two 2nd degree diplomas with 80 and 76 points by wild quail in Orel region, Russia. Congratulation to the owners - Monika Kornechka (kennel Z Ochkowskiej Doliny) and Alexandr Egurnov!


11-th Gordon Setter Field Championship finished at the middle of May, where our Carat went the Best Veteran with 66 points and 3rd degree diploma.


New pictures of Sky and Grandie


and also of our 6 weeks puppies


4 weeks puppies pictures

22.04.2010 New 3 weeks puppies pictures

Puppies pictures of their 12 days old are HERE


DJ's kids results of hips :

Ozzy - АА, Ovation - АА

27.03.2010 Today morning our PUPPIES have arrived, 8 special healthy babies, 4 plus 4

Results from Eurasia Pinta and DJ offsprings:


Eurasia - 2, Moscow

Mila Grandset About Turn - САСIB, ВОВ, Eurasia Winner

Showpoint DJ Milagrandset - CAC, resCACIB

DDL Ozzy for Mila Grandset - resCAC

DDL Viva Bavaria Grandset - resCAC

DDL Ovation - CAC, САСIB, Best Female, Eurasia Winner

Gordon Xope Vanity Fire САС, resCACIB


Eurasia - 1, Moscow

Mila Grandset About Turn - CAC, resCACIB

DDL Ozzy for Mila Grandset - CAC, finished RU CH

DDL Viva Bavaria Grandset - САСIB, Best Female, Eurasia Winner

DDL Ovation - resCAC

Gordon Xope Vanity Fire САС, resCACIB


Our huge congratulations to the owners!

06.03.2010 we hope to get the Gordon Setter PUPPIES

Sabaneev Dog Show 2010, Moscow

Judge Erusalimsky E


Mila Grandset About Turn - САС, Best Male

Showpoint DJ Milagrandset - CAC, Class Winner

DDL Ozzy for Mila Grandset - CAC, Class Winner


International Kielce, Poland

Judge Dorota Witkowska


Aragon z Ojcowskiej Doliny

1/18, CACIB, Best Dog, Best Of Breed, Best In Group 2

Africa z Ojcowskiej Doliny

CACIB, Best Female

Asti z Ojcowskiej Doliny

res CACIB, Best Male - 2


Pinta sends Congratulatons to all kids!


International Poznan

Judge Penni Williams (UK), kennel Bournehouse


Aragon z Ojcowskiej Doliny

1/21, CACIB, Best Dog, Best Of Breed, Best In Group 1

Africa z Ojcowskiej Doliny

resCACIB, Best Female - 2


Congratulation to Monika and all owners,

we are very glad for Pinta's kids success


Already as four years on end the breed and group of Derzhava Dog Show in Moscow are won the kids of  Pinta


2009 - Bavaria

2008 - Mila Grandset About Turn, Semion

2007 - Maxwell

2006 - Maity



Today is the 9th Birth Day of our lovely and cheeful Carat

We'll wish him long happy and healthy life with us.


We are proud of our Pinta' kids received excellent results at the

World Dog Show 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Judge Piotr Krol (Poland), 113 entries.


Mila Grandset About Turn

1/10 exc, CAC, working Class Winner, Slovakian Champion


Asti z Ojcowskiej Doliny

2/16 exc, res CAC, open Class Prizewinner


Mayti - 6/16 exc, оpen class


Aragon z Ojcowskiej Doliny - exc, champion class


Africa z Ojcowskiej Doliny

2/14 exc, res CAC, open Class Prizewinner


Our Congratulation to all owners!


Special Show of Slovakian Setter - Pointer Club, Bratislava.

Judge Marianne Gyarfas, (Hungary), 41 entries.


Mila Grandset About Turn

CAC, Best Dog, Best Of Breed, Club Winner


Mayti - 2 exc, res CAC




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